On Labor Day, Elan Yoga will be leading a hike up Crosier Mountain, a less-traveled trail located in Glenhaven. We plan on setting out from the trailhead by 8am. Carpool information and sign up will be at the front desk shortly. If you choose to drive yourself, the trailhead is on County Road 43, a short 2.7 miles past Drake, just off of 34. Please be sure to leave Ft. Collins by 7:15 to get there on time.

Crosier Mountain is a 9.8 mile out-and-back with a breathtaking summit overlooking the entire Estes Valley. There will be two ideal opportunities to practice yoga along this hike – the first being about midway up the trail in a beautiful high meadow. This may also mark a good turn-around point for people hiking with children or those who feel the remaining two miles to the summit may prove too much. Remember, two miles to the summit means five miles back down, so that’s a total of seven. Math! It’s good stuff.

What to Bring

Crosier Mountain comes in just below 9,230 feet and we will be heading out early enough to avoid the largest thunderstorm risk. However, Lisa and I once descended this trail in an unexpected downpour just after 10am (and, on another peak, got caught in a snow-turned-lightning-storm before 9am – that’s a fun story if ever you want to hear it) so bringing appropriate gear is important. This should include:

  • Comfortable hiking boots/shoes
  • Rain gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks
  • Lunch (if you are summiting)

It is a good idea to bring extra socks as well, just in case. And don’t forget your yoga mat. Not all of the postures will require a mat, but you’ll be thankful to have one for those that do.

About Crosier

Crosier enjoys a number of steep inclines – both on the ascent and descent – and the push to the summit is particularly challenging. However, the trail is well-marked, there is no scree, and no special equipment is needed. Even relatively newish hikers will find this trail accessible. Hard? Sure. But totally doable.

It is a dry trail and not particularly forested, so don’t forget your sunscreen. There is a small stream that runs through parts of the trail, but it has been dry for the past several seasons. If you are bringing your dog, be sure to pack in additional water.

Leaving early can mean heading up when it’s cold. Dress in layers. A dry and open trail, even in May, can become hot quickly and shedding is often necessary along the way. Once at the summit though, it can get cold again.

The cost for this yoga hike is $10. There is no fee for parking. Please allow six to seven hours for the entire experience if you choose to summit.