Meet Stacey Swerer, a certified Anusara, Yin and Vinyasa yoga instructor at the independent and local Midtown yoga studio Elan Yoga & Fitness

Stacey Swerer

From the moment I took my first yoga class, I knew I had found something I had been seeking without even knowing that I was searching for anything at all. Something shifted inside me from that very first class and my life was changed forever. In fact, it was so profound that I really didn’t know how to respond…just felt different from within. I felt relaxed, satisfied, happy and inspired by being uplifted from asana. Never looking back, my love for yoga introduced her to many different styles and traditions with roots in Hatha, Ashtanga, and ultimately Anusara Yoga. Anusara showed me the benefits and results from an alignment based practice that focuses on the technique and skill of postures that are powerful and effective. More importantly was the guidance into the space of the heart, an inner attitude revealing  wholeness, radiance and vitality. As a Certified Anusara ® Yoga teacher with advanced training, my classes are taught from over 20 years of deep study and the refinements of my own personal practice. Students can expect slower style vinyasa with thoughtfully planned sequences leading to peak poses through the play of yoga.