Meet Natalie Carrasco, a certified Yin, Hot and Vinyasa yoga instructor at the independent and local Midtown yoga studio Elan Yoga & Fitness

Natalie Carrasco

Having earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts, I am very familiar with what it means to “practice”. Life has taught me that being flexible and strong is just as important as being able to sit still and simply breathe. Yoga has shown me that the process of gaining those attributes and skills is all rooted in one word: practice. I became a yoga instructor after completing my 200 hr. teaching certification at Élan in 2013. My focus has been in Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Vinyasa, but learning is never done in the world of yoga and curiosity will always be leading me to explore other practices as well. Off the mat, my heart belongs to the great outdoors of Colorado where I spend much of my time hiking, camping, backpacking, or generally just frolicking in nature with my husband, dog, friends, and family. I dabble in calligraphy, have a hard time choosing between a malbec and a tempranillo (can I just have both?), and if I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be avocados.