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breathe-deeplyOn October 15th at 1:00 pm, I will be leading the Moving into Stillness workshop. This workshop is designed for practitioners – both seasoned and new – who are interested in the more meditative aspects of yoga along with seated meditation itself.

The 90 minute workshop will include an accessible hip opening sequence as well as instructions in zazen, giving you an opportunity to integrate a simple yoga and meditation practice into your daily life. This daily practice is not intended to supplant your practice at the studio, but instead to inform and enhance it, helping you become a stronger, more focused, and more thoughtful practitioner. Handouts will be provided detailing both the sequence and meditation instructions, giving you the tools you need to successfully implement a daily meditation practice.

Cost for the workshop is $10 in advance or $15 the day of. You can even sign up online to save time. Log into MindBody, select “Special Events,” and change the date to 10/15/2016 to find the Moving into Stillness workshop.

What is Zazen?

zazenZazen is Japanese for “seated meditation” and is a disciplined and structured (though accessible) technique. As with yoga, alignment, breath, and focus are key elements of zazen, elements that I believe make the practices highly complementary to one another.

While zazen is the primary practice of Zen Buddhism, I will present it in this workshop as a nonsectarian form of meditation that can be practiced by people of all faiths. Because there is no goal of enlightenment with zazen, it lends itself particularly well to people who are not interested in indoctrination or adherence to religious practices not their own.

Many forms of meditation have a goal of “enlightenment” or “transcendence,” but this idea of enlightenment is predicated on a capital “T” Truth that lies beyond the realm of our normal experience. Zazen eschews this notion in favor of experience itself, and is based on the idea that reality – that which can be observed and felt – is as good as it gets. Acknowledging what is happening now and dealing with it appropriately is enlightenment, is capital “T” Truth – and something that becomes easier the longer you practice these techniques.

Discipline is part of zazen, but this word should not be confused with punishment. Punishment runs counter to progress. Discipline runs primary. Without intention, without effort, without focus, nothing can be achieved. This workshop will provide instruction in time-tested techniques that help you discipline your mind and body, and move towards becoming a more effective and engaged human being.

Yeah, but who are You?

img_0279My name is Kyle Larson. I began my study of meditation in 2003 and was given permission to teach the practice in 2008. The following year I completed over 900 hours of yoga teacher training and have been teaching – at first full-time, now part-time – since. I started teaching at Elan Yoga in 2013 and have found a true yoga home at this warm and welcoming studio where my own practice has grown under the careful guidance of our insightful instructors.