Meet Kelli Glaze, a certified Yin, Hot, and Vinyasa yoga instructor at the independent an local Midtown yoga studio Elan Yoga & Fitness

Kelli Glaze

Kelli began her Yoga journey over 8 years ago Attending her first class after a family member suggested it may help with a long standing chronic pain condition.  She was intrigued unintended benefits of not just the physical but the mental and emotional as well. Kelli First completing a 200 hour program at Elan Yoga  In Fort Collins Colorado.   She then moves on Inspired by a local teacher ultimately finding her love of Yin Yoga. Kelli envisioned someday she would teach Yin yoga. She is passionate about sharing with others the magic ingredients  of time , stillness and finding YOUR edge! She brings awareness to students that every body is different! Kelli recently completed a Yin intensive with Bernie Clark In Vancouver Canada and is certified as a Yin instructor. Kelli has a desire to inspire students to become aware of how each body is assembled differently. Equipping students to gain knowledge and understanding of functional vs aesthetic asanas. If you feel it your are indeed doing it! Focuses are on allowing the body to receive the postures .Looking inward, cultivating breathe. Paying attention to intentions! Achieving optimal health,wellness and examining what healing is. Exploration of the bodies meridians and organ health. Kelli’s classes are interactive, often asking the student what are you feeling ?. Kelli also attended a meditation workshop at the Chopra Center and incorporates many meditation style into her classes. Kelli enjoyed a long tenure career as a R.N. and incorporates her knowledge as a nurse into her yoga teaching offering Workshops   including Ageless Yoga .Offering tools on and off the mat for remaining youthful and utilizing best practices to age well.