Meet Jill, a certified Yin and Vinyasa yoga instructor at the independent an local Midtown yoga studio Elan Yoga & Fitness

Jill Mollenhauer

Hi, I’m Jill. I have had the honor to guide students through their practice for almost 10 years now and it just keeps getting better. I fell in love with the principles of yoga and all that it has to offer over 20 years ago. I teach several styles of yoga and have certifications in many, but my true passion is yin yoga. This style of yoga works the joints and connective tissue in the body in a specific way. By holding stretches for longer periods of time with the use of props we work the connective tissue to glide where it often gets stuck, which causes lack of mobility and often pain. It’s a practice accessible to all students that offers variations of postures to accommodate everyone’s body. Yin is a true companion to yang yoga, as we all need the balance they offer.
I am honored to have Paul Grilley, one of the founders of yin yoga as my teacher and I will complete my 500hr training with him this summer before our festival. Yoga is a practice, a journey, a way of life that offers learning opportunities both on and off the mat. I will continue to grow and learn as a teacher and as a student, because we never know all there is to know.