-Some practical advice from Elan Yoga instructor, Sam Suhr:

doTERRA oils in Fort Collins, ColoradoDiffusing/ Aromatically– A fine mist containing water and essential oil(s). Creates a nice aroma that fills a whole room.

Anointing/ Topically– The power of touch. You can put most essential oils directly on your skin to feel their affect immediately.

There are dozens and dozens of essential oils on the market… These are just my suggestions. Introduce oils to your practice slowly to give yourself time to become aware of their properties and to learn how you react to them. Essential oils aren’t for everyone, so this guide is for the at-home practitioner and the occasional yoga teacher. If you do want to bring oils to a yoga class, always check with your teacher beforehand.

Some oils to consider:

For grounding– cedarwood, apply topically on the third-eye (the space in between your eyebrows)

For centering– frankincense, apply topically on the back side of your neck, your chest, or smell the aroma straight from the bottle

To promote breath awareness– peppermint, smell the aroma straight from the bottle, apply topically to front side of neck, or draw a circle at the top of your yoga mat with it (this is a strong oil, you may need to dilute it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to bring down the intensity) 

For calming– lavender, apply topically to bottoms of feet and/or behind ears, diffuse, or draw a line at the top of your yoga mat with it

For spiritual nourishment– lemon or orange, apply topically to chest or backside of neck, or smell the aroma straight from the bottle

To purify and cleanse– lemongrass, apply topically to underside of wrists to warm and smell throughout the day, or diffuse 

You can apply or diffuse any of these oils before class, during class or after class. Be careful not to mix or apply too many oils at one time. It is important to note that your skin will react differently when your pores are open (you’re hot and sweaty) than from their normal state. When introducing yourself to essential oils, dilute them with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) to start, and maybe eventually apply the oil to your skin directly. Also, the aroma from essential oils can intensify in a humid room due to sweaty human bodies and create an unpleasant aroma. Be weary of using essential oils in a hot class, or at the end of a heated Vinyasa. 

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