Even if you never step foot in the “hot” room at our Fort Collins yoga studio, it’s impossible to avoid a little bit of mat funkiness after a few solid classes. First things first: relax, it’s probably much worse to your olfactory system than to your neighbor’s (whose mat is almost certainly just as stinky to her), although it’s best to address the problem before that changes. So how can you clean your yoga mat without ruining it or covering it in stinky and potentially harmful chemicals? Check out the SlideShare below for easy, step-by-step instructions:

As a General Rule: Air Dry That Yoga Mat after Every Class

It is best to let your mat air dry after every class. This is particularly true if you have been sweating (even just a little). Sweat is high in proteins that certain bacteria love – and these bacteria are smelly. Allowing your mat to air dry in between classes can help prevent bacterial colonization, which is a very good thing. You don’t want to lay down face-first on a colony of stinky bacteria – even if they aren’t pathogenic (which, thankfully, they are not). Hang your mat over a chair, over the washing machine, over a clothes line, over your shower rod, over anything that allows it to dry fully before you roll it up. Doing this after every class will help slow the stink, but it will likely not be enough to prevent it entirely.

Still have questions? Come by our studio for a personal demonstration after one of our exceptionally fun and rewarding classes.