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Winter Solstice Celebration:

A Candlelight Gathering

With Stacey and Matt


Please come join us as we embrace the cooling energies of the winter solstice and turn toward the ensuing darkness to see a more radiant light.  Entering the darkest days of the year we drift away from the radiant and vibrant rays of the sun to saturate ourselves with the reflective qualities that glimmer from the wisdom of the moon.  Within this transitional period from dark to light lies the potential to plant the seeds of intention that call to action our heart's truest desire and cultivate our deepest dreams into reality.  The sacred process of manifestation begins with honing in on that which we desire most in our lives, tapping into the receptive nature of the universe, and visualizing the optimal outcome with positive reinforcement to bring our wildest dreams into fruition.

This is a powerful time to:

1)  Clear and Release- old thoughts, habits, and patterns that no longer serve us to make space for the new.

2)  Cultivate Intention- through ritual, creating sacred space, and drawing that which we desire most into our lives.

3)  Call to Action- manifesting our dreams and desires, calling them forward in the present moment that is the midline between the past and future.


This will be a gathering in the company of great souls to draw community close in sweet embrace and share in the beauty of togetherness.  In this winter solstice celebration we will dive into the power of intention through cultivating the heart's truest desire, calling it into action with the breath, and manifesting a creative expression for the future.  Time to plant the seeds. All are welcome!  This event fills very quickly and in the past has been a full house!




Saturday December 20th


 $25 pre-reg // $30 day of












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